Vitality: Vitamin B-Complex (Injectable)


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Vitamin B-Complex

FA60 only uses Premium pharmaceutical grade products made in the USA.

Boost energy, enhance hormone production, naturally enhance your metabolism, support digestion, and support your immune defenses with this powerful blend of B vitamins.

The Vitamin B Shot is specifically formulated to assist in the conversion of foods into energy, enhancing your cellular energy levels.
Vitamin B-Complex Shots are advanced formulations of essential B vitamins, amino acids, and enzymes designed to enhance and optimize your health.

Vitamin B shots are a quick and effective way to receive an instant boost of health-enhancing nutrients, which can help take you from nutrient-deficient to energy-abundant.

Potential benefits of Vitamin B-Complex include

  • Healthy metabolism
  • Promote hormone production
  • Increase energy and stamina
  • Avoid the afternoon crash
  • Reduce brain fog
  • Boost immunity
  • Enhance natural glow


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PLEASE NOTE:  This therapy is only available as a prescription.  Following the purchase of this product you will need to complete a brief online consultation with one of our Doctors.  All products are shipped the same-day from our partner online pharmacies.  Should we not be able to prescribe this product to you for any reason and full refund will be given.

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This order is for 1 30mL VIAL.

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